Large and mediums served. Price and availabilty subject to market
16 ounces of Angus beef
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Catfish Deweys since 1984
4003 N. Andrews Ave, Oakland Pk. FL
Fresh Florida Stone Crabs
All you can eat daily (as market supply permits)
October 16th through May 15th
Server has today’s prices for single portion dinners as well as all you can eat
Check status at catfishdeweys.com/blog
Shrimp gumbo 5.99
Lobster bisque 5.99
Potato skins 5.99 (½ order 3.99)
*Gator tail bites 9.99
*Dozen Steamed Clams  7.99
*Smoked Fish Dip          7.99
*Dozen oyster half shell 12.99
(see raw food warning below)
* Half pound of Frog Legs  7.99
* Shrimp Cocktail             7.99
* Coconut fried shrimp  7.99
Beer battered onion rings  5.99
Caribbean style conch fritters  5.99
Stuffed jalapeno peppers  5.99
Fried button mushrooms 5.99
Southern fried pickles 5.99
* = not available on “free” coupons
Small garden salad 2.95
Large Salad   4.50
Baked potato 2.50
Baked sweet potato 2.50
Mashed potatoes & gravy 2.50
Steak cut fries 1.75
Dozen hushpuppies 2.50
Rice pilaf 1.75
Collard greens 1.75
Corn 1.75
Cole slaw 1.75
Large cole slaw 2.75
Grits 1.75
Pasta in garlic/wine/butter sauce 6.95

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Since 1984 we fry in vegetable oil that is 100% free of trans fats
All you can eat specials
Choice of potato and choice of salad or slaw and hush puppies included
There is no sharing all you can eat entrées. There are no doggie bags or leftover boxes for all you can eat
All you can eat every day:
U.S. Farm Raised Catfish
Our specialty
Whole fish or boneless fillets
Fried in fresh pure vegetable oil
All-you-can-eat 15.99
Monday & Tuesday 19.99
All you can eat shrimp 19.99
Large fried shrimp, large peel-n-eat shrimp and fried clam strips

Wednesday 18.99
All you can eat BBQ Baby Back Ribs

hursday & Sunday Mkt. Price
All you can eat Alaskan Snow Crab Legs
Friday 19.99
All you can eat fried Sea Scallops

Saturday 19.99
All you can eat Fried oysters, fried clam strips and boiled crawfish
“Louisiana Saturday Night!”
.*****All you can eats are Dine in only*****

Since 1984 we fry in vegetable oil 100% free of trans fats
Dinners include choice of potato, choice of salad or slaw and hush puppies
♥ Heart healthy choice
Shrimp dinners
Fried Shrimp 17.99
Lightly fried in fresh pure vegetable oil
Coconut shrimp 17.99
Served with a spicy raspberry sauce
Blackened  Shrimp 17.99
Cajun style served with a red remoulade
Shrimp pasta 17.99
Served in pasta with a garlic-butter-wine sauce (wine can be omitted on request)
♥BBQ  Shrimp 17.99
Grilled in our own BBQ sauce
♥Grilled  Shrimp 17.99
Crab smothered shrimp 19.99
Grilled shrimp smothered under a layer of grilled crab meat

Boiled Crawfish 18.99
3 lbs. boiled in cajun spices and Old Bay

Fried Oysters 18.99
Platter full of lightly breaded Gulf oysters

Fried Clam Strips 18.99
Platter full of large tender strips lightly breaded

Single plate fish
Choose cooking method: Fried, ♥grilled, ♥broiled or blackened
***Add $6.00 to smother in grilled crab meat***
♥ Heart healthy choice

USA Farm raised catfish 14.99
Four 4 ounce fillets
Half Catfish-Half Shrimp combo 17.99
12 ounces fillets and 10 large shrimp
Snapper 17.99
12 ounce fillet
Basa 14.99
A sweet, white, flaky 12 ounce fillet
Mahi-Mahi 17.99
(half portion 11.95)
Tilapia 15.99 (half portion 10.99)
Cod 16.99 (half portion 11.95)
Fried cod and steak fries;  traditional fish & chips
Seafood Combo Platter 19.99
Fish of your choice plus shrimp plus scallops
♥Grilled, ♥broiled, blackened or fried

Sea Scallops 18.99
Platter full
Can be ♥grilled, ♥broiled, blackened or fried. Also excellent in garlic-butter-wine sauce over pasta

Steaks, ribs, chicken & Frog Legs
New York Strip and  Florida Lobster Tail 31.99

Flat Iron Steak and  Florida Lobster Tail 24.99

New York Strip 20.99
12 ounce center cut grain fed beef
(add sautéed mushrooms 3.95)

Flat Iron Steak 14.99
8 ounce choice cut

♥Grilled Chicken Breasts 12.99
Three boneless skinless breast fillets grilled, BBQ’d blackened or fried

Fried Chicken Tenders 12.99
6 fried tenderloins

BBQ Baby Back Ribs 16.99
A full slab

Frog Legs 16.99
One and a half pounds of medium size legs, fried, sautéed or blackened

Crab Legs and lobster tails

Two pounds Alaskan Snow Crab Legs 27.99
approximately 4 clusters

One pound Alaskan Snow Crab Legs 15.99
Approximately 2 clusters

Add a half pound of crab legs to any dinner 9.99

Florida Lobster Tail 16.99
7 ounce tail split open and broiled

Twin Florida Lobster Tails 29.99
Two tails split open and broiled

Lobster Crab Combo 28.99
One pound of Alaskan crab legs and one lobster tail

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