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Special thanks to Ken and Craymediagroup hosting

Rolling out our re-imagined website with the help of Ken & company has been a fantastic experience learning WordPress for making the website. All of us at Catfish Deweys hope you find it functional and fun to navigate.

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Older posts Oct 16, 2018 thru March 19, 2019

Tuesday March 19, 2019 Despite this inclement weather we have a good supply of fresh Florida stone crabs. We have all you can eat mediums and we have single portion dinners for medium, large and jumbo claws. Tuesday is also shrimp day! Large shrimp, all you can eat for just $21.95 per person. _____________________ Monday […]

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Hurricane Wilma Blog

April 7, 2019 When we launched our re-imagined website I wanted to carry over the part of the old blog about what we did during and after Hurricane Wilma, a process that lasted quite a while and was the first major existential challenge we had faced in a long time. As a blog, the oldest […]

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