Saturday January 22, 2022 — We have fresh Florida stone crabs; we have single portion dinners for medium, large and jumbo and we have all you can eat mediums for $109.  (Stone crab prices below) Please call 954-566-5333 to reserve a table. (Please note, this page is about Florida stone crabs only, but Thursday is also the all you can eat day for snow crab. For all you can eat Snow Crabs navigate to the menu page.  Today’s stone crab menu is as follows:

Medium claws 

Half pound appetizer (3 claws) $22

One pound (~ 6 claws) $37

Two Pounds (~12 claws) $72

All you can eat: $109


Large claws 

One large claw $17

One pound (~4 claws)$49

Two Pounds (~8 claws) $95

All you can eat: $149


Jumbo claws  

One jumbo claw  $26

One and a quarter pounds (3 jumbo claws) $78

Two pounds: (5 claws) $129

All you can eat: Ask server for availability